Event Recap

Putnam Park Roadcourse – Rantoul Autocross – September 15-16, 2017

Putnam Park Roadcourse – Rantoul Autocross – September 15-16, 2017

A great few days concluding our racing season for 2017. 
We started out with everyone  arriving sometime on Thursday and gathering for dinner at a mexican restaurant across the street from our hotel. It was also Chris Bond’s birthday so in addition to dinner we had a little bit of a celebration for Chris turning another year older.
Friday morning we were up early to have for breakfast in the hotel and to meet Doug Campbell who led us to the track. Doug is very familiar with Putnam since he lives in the area. It was a good thing too because the track was a bit out in the country and signs were a little obscure. Once we arrived, everyone got busy unloading and getting ready for the day’s event. A drivers meeting was held and then the track went hot at 9am. We had 3 run groups with 20 minute sessions. With only 16 drivers you almost felt like you had the track all to yourself! (Except of course when you would get passed by our racing director). We had several sessions in the morning with a break for lunch and then back out for a few more. You definitely were able to get your fill of track time and it was great. Once all run sessions were over, we packed up and handed out the trophy awards including our Triple Crown Winner, Jimmy Walker.
After the awards, we were off to our next event at Rantoul Air Force Base. It was a couple hour drive to our hotel only to find out that they were overbooked! Six of us ended up changing to a brand new hotel down the road. They took care of us and even had pizza delivered for dinner, so everything worked out ok.
We were up again Saturday for the autocross at Rantoul Air Force Base. This one was a pretty big autocross. So big in fact you almost needed to use 2nd gear in some places. The autocross had 23 racers with 7 runs in the morning, and then an additional 7 runs in the afternoon. The club provided Jimmy John’s for lunch  Everyone had a great time! There were about 40 people total in attendance including some spectators. After the lap times were recorded, we opened the track so everyone could get their fill of auto crossing for the day. Afterwards, we packed up for the day and had the awards. Our Triple Cross winner was also Jimmy Walker. His dog Boomer, who was there, must of been a good luck charm.
A great couple of days to end a great racing season. Congratulations to all the class winners and again to Jimmy Walker for winning both the Triple Crown and Triple Cross this year! We hope to see you all out there next year!
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