Event Recap

Gangster Tour Was A Hit

April 22 will be a day to remember!  We boarded our mini-coach bus at Fuddruckers and headed to Gino’s East in downtown Chicago.  Everyone enjoyed a great Chicago style pizza lunch including brownies.  One club member was having a birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to Roy and he received a giant size brownie with ice cream and a candle!  Think Roy was surprised we sang but he loved all of the attention we gave him!  We then walked a very short distance to board the Gangster Bus.

43 club members boarded the Untouchable Tours Gangster Bus for a wild ride through Chicago’s original gangster area!  BabyFace Bambino and Winky were our tour guides and first taught us how to duct if we heard gun shots!  BabyFace told us many stories of the famous Chicago gangsters.  First story was about Dion O’Banion and Earl “Hymie” Weiss, then saw the Holy Name Cathedral and where still today the bullet is lodged inside one of the stone pillars.  Heard about George “Bugs” Moran, Johnny Torrio, and Al Capone!  and saw where the St Valentine’s Day Massacre was held.  We even saw the spot John Dillinger was killed at!  One of the stories about Al Capone, couple of gang members came to him and said we are going to kill you for, and they’d name the gangster.  Capone would offer them a job for more money and then they’d go kill the gangster that hired them in the first place!
Besides the great gangster stories we heard, we also got a great tour of downtown Chicago.  We heard how the great Chicago fire destroyed the city and we visited the oldest street in Chicago and learned how the city’s name came into being.  We visited Chinatown and just outside Chinatown we entered an area where Winky, our bus driver, almost lost control of the bus!  You see we were being shot at by a machine gun and had to duct and Winky was trying to miss as many bullets as possible!  What a ride down a short street!  We also toured through Little Italy, the Greek area, Lincoln Park and many more areas.  We had a great ride on the Gangster Bus and no one was hurt as those machine guns sounds were only on a recorded device!
When the tour was over our mini-coach bus returned us to our cars at Fuddruckers where we thanked them by having dinner and/or milk shakes!
Great day in the city of Chicago!  Maybe we’ll do a different Gangster Tour next year!
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