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Apr 22: Gangster Tour of Chicago

While we still have another month before our racing season begins let’s go tour where the Chicago Gangsters did their holding out! This should be a fun and interactive tour covering all the names Chicagoans know! As we will be in a tour bus for the majority of this event we encourage to leave the Vipers at home.

Since there is not much parking available where we meet our tour bus, I’ve arranged for a mini-coach bus to take us.  So, we will meet on the East side of Woodfield Mall in our usual meeting place close to Sears.  There, a mini-coach bus will pick us up at 1:15pm and take us to 600 North Clark Street where we will board the Untouchable Tours bus. Please be on time as we will be on a tight schedule!

The Untouchable Tours has been providing this tour for over 28 years and they guarantee a bang up tour!

We will experience Chicago as it was during the 1920’s and 30’s, see the old gangster hot spots and hit spots, hear historically accurate accounts of the exploits of Capone, Moran, Dillinger and the rest of da boys. Through these you will feel the excitement of jazz-age Chicago during the Prohibition Era and enjoy a journey into the past as we cruise the city in search of the old hoodlum haunts, brothels, gambling dens and sites of gangland shootouts.

The Prohibition Era comes alive as our sharply dressed gangster guides, da gang, take us on a ride back to the days when Al Capone ruled the South Side of Chicago.  We will hear the true stories — as only our Untouchable guides can tell ’em — of gangster legends like Dion O’Bannion, Bugs Moran, Johnny Torrio, Machine Gun Jack McGurn and John Dillinger.

The 1 hour 45-minute to 2 hour live action gangster tour will give us the inside story of Chicago’s windiest politicians, rollicking red-light districts and most notorious vice games, all aboard their new custom-built Untouchable Tours Gangster Bus.

Cost of the Gangster Tour is $25 per person.

Parking is available at the McDonald’s where we are picked up at an hourly rate of $10 hour.

After our tour, we’ll head over to Gino’s Chicago Deep Dish pizza for dinner (not included in event price)! After dinner the mini coach bus will return us to Woodfield mall. This gangster tour will be the start and talk of our summer cruises! Don’t miss out on this first for the VOA. Download and print the registration form linked below. Return it to our cruise director no later than 04/15/2017. Please contact our cruise director, Bonnie Buckman, with any questions or concerns at or (309) 696-9549

See you there!