Club Cruises - Time to Kick the Tires and Light the Fires!

One of the most enjoyable times for a Viper owner is when we get together and do nothing more than explore our vast surroundings with our friends and our Vipers! The IL VOA has a comprehensive cruise schedule during the warm months of the year. We typically do a spring, summer, and fall cruises. Car cruises range from 1 day to multiday events and are generally staged across Illinois and the neighboring Midwestern states. It’s a chance to see some beautiful landscapes and put some miles on that beautiful car! But that’s not where it ends. The Viper Club puts a twist on things by  bringing even more purpose to the cruise by making stops along the way.  Sometimes this can involve sight seeing, shows, museums, rides, boat cruise, tours, lunch/dinners,  etc…

Cruises are very well attended events, frequently topping dozens of Vipers stretching for miles. It’s been a highly organized activity that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. So come on, join in the fun!  We hope to see you there!

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