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Jul 24: Track Day – Autobahn

This road course performance driving event will be held at one of our absolute favorite tracks… at Autobahn Country Club, located in Joliet, Illinois!

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General Overview: Road course driving is a great way to learn how to handle your car at higher speeds in a safe and controlled venue. Road courses are typically 1.5-4 miles in length and connected in a loop so that it can be driven in laps. Cars are separated by capability and driver experience and small groups are run on the track at the same time. Road courses are not raced wheel to wheel to determine a winner, instead the club times the laps of each driver to help participants gauge their improvement. While cars are separated to eliminate the need for excessive passing, overtaking is allowed if a faster driver needs to pass a slower driver. You can drive at your own pace to whatever degree you feel comfortable. Corner workers are placed throughout the track to communicate track conditions and observe drivers. The club also funds both an ambulance and medics to be onsite. Road courses have asphalt that benefits grip, so your car will be stable and perform at a much higher level than is possible on the streets. It’s a great way to experience the true power of your car and stretch it’s legs. The club does 3 road courses each year as part of its “Triple Crown Challenge” series. While it’s not necessary to compete, awards will be provided to the fastest drivers. Training on road courses will also be available at all events and in car instructors will be available.

Details: This event will occur rain or shine (unless an extraordinary downpour occurs). Lodging is suggested below if you choose to arrive the night before or need to stay the day after. Participants must have helmets (contact us if you don’t have one, we can point you to a place that sells them discounted to the club). You must also wear closed toed shoes, long pants, and long sleeve shirts/jackets. Come with your tank full, your car in good working order, and don’t forget to empty loose items out of your car before you go out on the track. We will run 5-6 sessions that are 20 minutes long. Autobahn is a 3.56 mile, 21 turn, 40 foot wide,  private circuit racetrack opened in 2004 and located in Joliet, Illinois on 350 acres. The track boasts some of the best services offered by any race venue throughout the country, private membership costs tens of thousands of dollars. Autobahn is actually 2 tracks (north and south), however the club rents them connected so it’s a single large track. Speeds at this venue are fairly moderate and vary greatly, this is considered a longer road course. There are many straights where the car can stretch it’s legs, the turns are some what technical with a few very tight & slow sections. Typical lap times for a well driven Viper will be 2:35-2:50. Speeds will top out below 140 mph and there are many diverse turns throughout the track. It’s a very safe track, and while hard to quickly memorize due to its length, it’s still a great track for novices. If you are towing your car, there will be lots of space dedicated to tow vehicles and trailers. Spectators are welcome at no charge. We will break for lunch just before 12:00 pm, a café exists on the property and will supply lunch (not included in cost of event). Coolers will be on hand, water is free to everyone. Once the day is complete, we can begin packing up while calculations are made, shortly thereafter we will conclude with awards! Arrivals can begin at 7am, though generally folks can arrive comfortably between 7:30 am – 8:15 am to register. A Mandatory drivers meeting will be held at 8:30 am, the track will go hot at 9:00 am. Our day should end around 5:00 pm.

Helpful Info: Items that may make the event more enjoyable and comfortable may include sunglasses, hat, suntan lotion, towel, folding chair, and umbrella (for sun and rain). Other items that might be of use are tire pressure gauge, driving gloves, and driving shoes. At the event, there are many folks eager to lend a helping hand with anything if need! It’s a family atmosphere, we all stick together as a group (and yes kids are allowed to come and watch as well).

Registration: For this event all you need to do is send us your matrix sheet (located at the top of this page) and let us know your coming. We need to have you on our list ahead of time so we can create run groups, enter you in our computer, and determine classes. Simply email or call our Performance Driving Director, Mark Schumann, and let him know you’re interested in coming. His phone number is (920) 344-6178 and his email is Please review the safety requirements at the top of this page before your arrival. When you arrive on premises, you will register with the club and receive a schedule of the day’s event.

The Day of the Event: For your convenience, we have established a club hot-line: (630) 415-3642. Calling the hotline, and pressing option “3”, will provide you with any up to the second changes or additional information that differs from information contained in your mailer. Please call the hotline and check it the MORNING OF THE EVENT to be advised of any changes. Should you have any questions, never hesitate to contact Mark Schumann directly at his number listed in the registration section above. See you there!

Autobahn Country Club Track Map




Full Day Event: $350

Payment is accepted via cash or check only. Payment can be made upon arrival at the track.

Location Info

Autobahn Country Club
3795 S. Patterson Road
Joliet, IL 60436

Suggested Accommodations (if needed)

Hampton Inn
1522 Riverboat Center Drive
Joliet, IL, 60436
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