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Apr 5: Monthly Club Meeting – Recap

This meeting was a slightly smaller turnout but still fun just the same. Some bad weather hindered our car turnout but didn’t stop us from enjoying the Viper camaraderie we all know and love. Of course, there were some great raffle items not only for attendees but also a special raffle for the diligent members who donned their name badges. Don’t forget these! You never know when they could earn you a prize. Continue to read on for just a few highlights from the meetings discussion topics. As always, the nest way to get the info is to stay up to date on your email, check the website, and let’s not forget ATTEND THE MEETINGS…

General Info:
– National membership is now up over 1700 and more coming in each day. Illinois region is at 165.
– Thanks to all of the club’s wonderful sponsors who make all our events possible. As a reminder, anyone can be an associate member. The cost is $100 and can be paid to our treasurer or also to Roger Dittrich our sponsorship director.
-Rob is still working on gathering info for an updated membership directory. Lots of pictures have been taken but we do need the forms to be filled out and submitted to Rob ASAP.

Upcoming Events:
– Our Gangster Tour is coming up on 4/22. Hopefully you are already signed up because unfortunately it is now SOLD OUT.
– May 3rd is our next club meeting
– May 13th kicks off our racing season at a lonnnngggg awaited track… ROAD AMERICA!!! Don’t forget to go over the checklist sent out by Mark Schumann before heading to the track. It’s been a long winter and you want to stay safe out there.
-May 26th-29th is our Spring Cruise! See the post site for all the details and get signed up to spend some time over Memorial Day with your Viper family.

See you soon!

Club meetings are a great way to immerse yourself in the Viper experience, be part of a large group, and meet other enthusiasts. They begin at 7:30pm and they typically end before 9:00pm (but people are free to hang out). Most people begin to arrive a little earlier, around 6:00-6:30pm so that they can chat, peruse the cars, grab a bite, and get comfortable!

For more information about club meetings, visit this section of our website: http://www.illinoisvipers.com/meetings/

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