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April 7 – Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Theater in Chicago

Tommy Gun’s Garage Dinner Theater: 2114 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

We still have another month before our racing season begins so let’s go party where “da gangsters”, flappers, and
us, interact in a night of great food, and a musical comedy revue you’ll always remember – 1920’s style!
This should be a fun and interactive event at Tommy Gun’s Garage! Since this is downtown Chicago, no need to
drive your Viper as we’ll be riding a mini-coach to and from the theater.
Since there is not much parking available where the theater is, we’ve arranged for a mini-coach bus to take us. We
will meet at Fuddruckers, our monthly meeting place. There, a mini-coach bus will pick us up at 4:30pm and
take us to Tommy Gun’s Garage.
Not long after the turn of the century, the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages was outlawed and strictly
prohibited. Nevertheless, men like Al Capone and his mafia family, refused to adhere to the law, opening
illegal speakeasies across the city of Chicago, offering alcohol, gambling and hotbox entertainment.
We will be transported back to the 1920s complete with the boss 1928 Model Ford and Roaring Twenties music. The
mugs and the molls dance and sing the Charleston and other musical selections. Be ready to hide your hooch
cause we could get raided by da coppers at anytime! And you could get pulled up on stage at any time to
perform a sobriety test given by Officer Murphy!
Cost of the Tommy Gun’s Garage dinner theater is $60 per person. This price also includes the mini-coach, what a
Dinner choices: prime rib, baked chicken breast, lasagna (meat or meatless), baked salmon
And, after the theater is over about 9pm, the mini-coach bus will return us to Fuddruckers.
This dinner theater will be the start and talk of our summer cruises!
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