Cruises - Recap

Fall Cruise Is A Jam Packed Museum Weekend

What a jammed packed 2 day cruise we had with our Michigan friends! We started out in some rain and it continued to rain most of the day but that didn’t stop us from having a great time, 13 cars and 25 people were a part of this great event! We met up with the Michigan group for lunch in a cute log cabin type restaurant. Here we were able to get acquainted with our Michigan members and then head off to the Dusenberg Museum.

buck2140What a great place!  Over 120 automobiles covering 2 floors with lots of historic information. We needed more time here but we had places to go so we had to call it… from there we headed over to the National Truck and Toy Museum. There were lots of old toys on display plus all of the vintage automobiles, mostly in their original state, not restored. This brought back some old memories for members that had owned some of these autos in previous days… tons of fun!

buck2110Back out in the rain and headed towards our hotel for a quick rest and clean up before heading out to dinner for the night. The restaurant was small but quaint and again we were able to chat with friends and get to know the Michigan members as well. We returned back to the hotel and everyone received a special hand towel that said VOA Fall Cruise 2016. Thank you Howie for printing these up for us! We also played a “Do You Know Who They Are” game. We had lots of fun with the questions and even learned some interesting facts about our members that no one knew!

buck1967Day two started out sunny but then turned to rain again. We started out visiting the National Military History Center. The military center featured displays of WWI & II, Vietnam war, Korean and other wars plus their clothes, trucks, war ships, guns and weapons and even small camps. Plus, there were individual service groups like army, navy, marines, air force, etc. with lots of information. We then walked over to the other side of the museum where there were lots of old restored cars, TV and movie cars like Spiderman, Batman, Night Rider’s Kit car, and old vintage wagons that were pulled by a horse, like popcorn and pie truck, President McKinley’s funeral wagon, etc… we could go on and on. We then headed off through the countryside for lunch. Lunch was like a delicious home made Sunday dinner; turkey and ham with all of the fixings plus pie! Everyone was stuffed by the time we left!

buck2070Two more stops to go!  Our next stop was at the RV/MH (motor home) Museum. What a trip down memory lane for some. They had the museum set up in a curvy lane and you were able to walk in all of the campers, very vintage and some very worn! After this we said goodbye to our Michigan friends and the rest of us headed to the Superhero Museum. This collection of all the superheroes ever was started by the owner of the museum when he was 7 years old.  The museum was small and jammed packed with comic books and small figures. He also had some gems like a full size Spiderman and Captain America! He also had the first Batman costume worn by Adam West… so cool!

buck2194Overall, the weekend was great!  We visited 5 museums, had some great lunches/dinners but best of all we got to know our fellow club members a little better enjoyed the company of the Michigan group! | 502: Bad gateway

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