Event Recap

Caterpillar Autocross Is A Great Way To End The Season

Well, folks, we’ve done it again. What, you ask? Well… unfortunately we have finished up another Viper racing season. It’s always a bittersweet time and really seals the deal that the end is near. We only have a few events left and then it’s curtain. So depressing. But… lets not get ahead of ourselves. We still have to talk about how awesome this event was.


This was really a fun day. We had the usual early start, nothing new there and we only had 14 drivers come out for the day. While we love having big groups of people come out and enjoy our racing program this light turnout definitely had a positive side. Our drivers managed to max out the scoring database. Each driver got over 24 laps!!!! That’s called getting your fill.


Halfway through the day we took a break and enjoyed an awesome lunch of sub sandwiches. We got back to business pretty quick and continued the fun. There were even a few crazy kids who spun out and smoked their tires. One crazy kid was definitely not our safety director/performance driving director, Mark Schumann. He would never do something so irresponsible *cough* *cough*.


Towards the end of the day the wind really started to pick up. It had been a bit chilly but nothing unbearable. It was even nice for everyone out picking up cones as they didn’t have to load up on sunscreen or worry about shade. But by the afternoon it got a little crazy. We had tires and weights holding our tents down and they nearly blew away. We had to stop the presses and call everyone in to do a quick breakdown before someone or something got hurt. Crazy stuff!¬†Even with all of those laps and the unforeseen wind complications the day flew by and we finished earlier than usual.


As our resident scoring expert tallied up not only the day’s results but also the Triple Cross season results everyone reflected on the memories we’ve made racing this year. It’s been an awesome season in which we’ve gone to some of our newer locations and reconfigured a few things. We’ve gotten a new timing system for road courses and it’s just really been a year for stepping into the next era of the VOA. Very exciting. We hope to see lots more faces out next year. As you’ve heard multiple times… this whole going fast thing is addictive. Try it and you will not be disappointed.


There was some stiff competition for those extremely valuable trophies… so a big congrats goes to everyone who took one home. An even bigger congrats goes out to our season autocross champion… JEREMY WALKER! And great job to everyone who came out. See you at the next one!



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